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Turn What You Already Know - Into Cash In The Bank!

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Discover How To Turn What You Already Know
Into Cash In The Bank!

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    "Passion, Profit & Purpose" is one of the best starting points for learning the how that I've seen. Dr. Mani knows his stuff and he's passing it all on to you here in an easy-to-digest form. What makes Dr. Mani great is the way he has leveraged his infopreneurship. I hope that you can use the information on these pages not only to change your own life, but to do so by positively changing the life of those around you as well.

    ”Passion, Profit & Purpose”

    How To Be An Internet Infopreneur
    - And Change The World!

    Yes, YOU Can Be An Internet Infopreneur!

  • Last year, our breakthrough program helped 87 new information entrepreneurs get started on the path to growing rich - from what they already know! "Passion, Profit & PURPOSE" distills this training program into a book that you can use to follow them.

  • STOP if you're thinking...

  • * I can't write a book or create a product
    * I don't know enough to try doing it
    * I can't believe anyone will pay for it

  • As you read this book, you'll discover how badly you've under-estimated your skills and abilities - and learn:

  • * how to tap into your hidden assets and talents
    * how to find eager crowds of prospective buyers
    * how to create your first info-product, and sell it
    * how to leverage this to create multiple streams of income
    * how to quickly build strong, sustainable income streams

  • You'll achieve personal freedom to succeed

  • You'll control your future, and pursue your passion

  • You'll spend time engaged in your true purpose

  • Dr.Mani is an infopreneur who has sold over 65 info-products, taught his effective information marketing secrets to hundreds of students, and used profits from book sales to sponsor life-saving heart operations for over 120 children.

  • "Passion, Profit & Purpose" is your passport to an exciting new land where happy, successful and wealthy infopreneurs enjoy life. Join us today!  

  • Praise for "Passion, Profit & Purpose"

    "Great resource for anyone considering creating a part-time or full-time income from the Internet."
    - Terry Dean, author and Internet marketing pioneer

    "Demonstrates how absolutely anyone can leverage the power of the Internet to fuel their passions and live their dreams."
    - Joel Comm, New York Times Best-Selling Author of "Twitter Power"

    "This book is written by a technician with brains, skills AND a heart as big as Texas! A must read in my book!
    - Carrie Wilkerson The Barefoot Executive -

    "In this book Dr Mani has compiled all his infopreneur expertise into one easy package...he just gives and gives."
    - Chris Garrett "PROBLOGGER - Secrets to a Six-Figure Income'

    "Dr Mani has put together one of the most comprehensive guides to making money from selling information that I have ever seen. The book is a great buy."
    - Yaro Starak Problogger and coach

    "Zero hype, rock-solid information, inspiring truths, and a jaw-dropping opening statement easily sends this book to the head of the class"
    - Tana Stewart

    Passion Profit & Purpose

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